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VPP Party

Let's Get This VPP Party Started! 

The time has come and your long hours have paid off!  All the meetings, training, and reams of documents have lead your company to this point…achieving one of the highest honors through OSHA…Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP) status!

vpplogo_large.jpgOSHA started recognizing exemplary companies in July of 1992. VPP status is categorized by a strict list of standards put in place by OSHA to encourage prudent workplace safety and health management. After a long journey with OSHA visits and reviews, VPP is awarded to companies that achieve OSHA’s criteria for safety and health excellence.  OSHA awards companies on three levels of excellence: STAR, MERIT and DEMONSTRATION, each with achievements greatly admired in the business community.

When your company achieves VPP status, it means you have gone above and beyond standard OSHA compliance measures and requirements.  You have built a health and safety management system, which is a solid foundation for safe operations. And, you are a prudent player in business circles.

Here at Celebrate Safety Inc. (CSI) we want to help companies celebrate the VPP process, from start to finish.  Our products tastefully accent meetings and events around the VPP preparation stages, milestone achievements, and the finish line goal – VPP! The VPP award is a huge accomplishment that you want to reward with pomp, circumstance, and delicious, themed desserts. 

CSI was created when we noticed that safety themes and messages were often lost or put aside once the food was served. CSI keeps the safety messages, visions, and awards alive with memorable products served at the event, meeting, or training.  Your employees will not only see and feel VPP success, but they’ll also taste it!


VPP banners, logos, icons, and 

slogans can be put on our 

tasty products:

  • Vanilla sugar cookies (perfect for morning and afternoon treats)

  • Oreos (with white icing)

  • Brownies

We offer stock images, like the VPP banner, as well as customized designs with your personalized company logo, icon, or image!  What a great way to raise moral and get people excited about the future direction of the company’s health and safety program. 

If you are interested in in attaining OSHA VPP status, visit https://www.osha.gov/dcsp/vpp/.

Check out the annual VPPPA Conference in New Orleans from August 29th-September 1st, 2017 at http://www.vpppa.org/national-symposium/agenda.  Click here to register for this exciting event.  Go for Gold!