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ASSE Conference Reflection

Cynthia Braun’s Reflection on the Company Creation and

ASSE 2017 Conference Exposure

In my 26 years as a health & safety professional, I have attended many safety meetings, tailgate talks, and training sessions with food served or brought in from vendors. Food is almost always part of a gathering or event!  But I realized that the safety concepts and messages of the event were forgotten or overlooked once the cuisine arrived. This became my “Lightbulb Moment” for the creation of Celebrate Safety, Inc. (CSI)!

cookies 7.jpg 

I immediately rolled out a small pilot project in January 2013 at Safety Fest of the West, held by the OSHA Training Institute in Lakewood, CO. Celebrate Safety provided vanilla sugar cookies with workplace safety designs and slogans. I then took the products to the Minnesota Safety Council’s Annual Conference in May 2013 for over 800 attendees, just as the new OSHA HazCom Training rule (1910.1200) was in full swing. Needless to say, the GHS Pictograms were the biggest sellers that year!

We recently hosted a booth at the ASSE 2017 Annual Conference in Denver, CO with the goal to expand our visibility to 4,000 safety professionals. We gave out cookies, as well as lots of ideas for how/when to use the delicious products to enhance safety programs.

The “Safety First” cookie has consistently been Celebrate Safety’s best seller design. It contends for top spot these days with customer-specific logos and designs.  Our customers send us their creative logos, slogans, and campaign icons, and we place them on cookies, Oreos, and brownies. Examples of their creativity are shown below.

 cookies 10.jpgcookie 9.jpg cookies 8.jpg

Technically, it takes seven reminders of the human brain to remember something. Our products provide another opportunity to put safety messages in front of workers. We hit three senses with our products: taste, touch, and visual. Because the human needs several reminders, this is a new way and golden opportunity to help workers retain a safety concept.

cookies 13.png

CSI’s products are neatly packaged to accent the importance and formality of any event. Each cookie or brownie is individually showcased in a clear plastic bag with a silver twist tie or a colored ribbon. Celebrate Safety’s cookies and brownies bring environmental, health and safety, quality, human resources, and transportation messaging to the workforce in a whole new way which can be currently ordered in four different types:

1.         Vanilla sugar cookies (square, rectangle, circle, diamond),

2.         Flavored cookies: round chocolate chip, oatmeal raising, M&M,

3.         Oreos (single, not Double Stuff), and

4.         Brownies.

 cookies 12.jpg